How To Create A Perfect Bio For This Organization!

This page is only for new members that are coming on board with us as potential consultants for the American, Canadian & UK Associations of Psychics & Healers!

By CEO & Founder Rosemary The Celtic Lady

First of all thank you for coming on board with us! Now here are some helpful hints to help you build and create your Bio's and websites.

First of all decide on your Preferred Category you wish to be listed under, take a look at the site on the category page, there are many there! If there are none that suit your requirements we will create one for you.


If you are featured you can only list one category on your actual picture that you have in the rotating pictures

Psychic Medium, Psychic Reader, Spiritualist, etc.

Pick one category name, a more commonly searched phrase will be more successful.

Your photo:

A jpg file is preferred or a link to a photo on another web site. This should be a professional head shot, not something taken by your cell phone by  a family member with a cell phone. It should be a 2x2 We shall resize the image to get the best trade of off download speed and quality, if you do not know how to do this

Below is a few good professional examples.


You will see they are crisp, clear and of professional quality and the frame is neither too full or too empty and all have a smile with good eye contact.

Full body shots are not ideal nor are very busy backgrounds, sexy poses are unacceptable or pictures with pets unless you are an animal healer or animal communicator and still we recommend that you have just a head shot of yourself.

Your picture sells you as much as your words so make sure you have a quality reassuring image.

Your Name: Example

Rosemary McArthur

Psychic Reader "Or your preferred modality"  for Healing like Reiki Master or Spiritual Healer (Also note you can be listed under additional categories but this will be an additional cost for each one)

Full or part address, it is up to you what you show, a town, city,  state, province etc...  is fine.

Description of your work.

Write your bio as if someone else is talking about you it is more professional this way 

What services do you offer and how can you help the client. 

A description of your work, this should be no more than 150 words. Rather than listing what you do there is more mileage if identifying common problems and offer effective solutions.

If you think features and benefits and explaining what your potential client will gain by calling you, your listing will be much more effective.

Ask the following questions of your bio, are my statements relevant, believable, ethical and do they offer a solution to a problem.

Claiming you read for movie stars may be true but is it believable.

Stating you used to be a film producer etc may be true but is it relevant.

Most importantly have a call to action, even something as simple as For more information call (Your telephone number) now. will work much better than no call to action.

You must provide a telephone number on your website so that your clients can actually call you, you are not allowed to be just doing email readings.


Provide your telephone number.

Your web site address

Your email address if you wish to list it.

Please note we will need your personal information for our own records so once you get through our vetting process and are given the go ahead to come on board then we collect all your info and set up a time for you to read for someone in the organization, this will be a test of sorts to see just how good a consultant you really are....

Once you have done all of this you will email it to for USA & CANADA & UK

Please do not send bio's until you have been given the go ahead that you have been accepted into the organization.

Please Note! You are not allowed to use this to under sell other consultants by offering free consults or first five mins free, we are not a hot line organization and if that is how you are thinking then you should not be coming on board with us!

Remember this is all about energy, you get what you put into it so make some effort on your own behalf when it comes to your website it should be a minimum of 3 pages and not just a free 1 page link up. 

Another piece of advice is if you are planning on becoming a professional medium then it is smart to use your own name, as the public remember names more easily! 

"A Successful practice takes more than being a talented and gifted practitioner.

You have to be  successful at marketing, and give solutions to meet your clients needs."


"Light Workers Unite"

"We Too Can Make A Difference"

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