​I am an Intuitive spiritual medium reader, gifted Clairvoyance: clear seeing, Clairsentience ability to receive messages via feelings , emotions or physical sensations, Clairaudient Inner hearing and Claircognizance, the ability to know without logic.

From an early age I was aware of my connection and abilities. My conscious awareness became active around the age of 12, I would hear and sense someone guiding me during my daily life and receive visions of events that would come to fruition. My awareness was heightened and as I grew along life’s path and my Intuition became an active radar you might say.

For many years you begin to understand how life is inter-woven with those who have passed to the other side of life. To be able to Hear, to See, to sense with originality brings to life a fundamental link to those in spirit. My intuition levels help to guide those in need of personal guidance and direction through exploring questions and receiving answers during private sessions.

I abide by a professional code of conduct and confidentiality and my sense of purity is my ethos. I connect both on a Psychic and Spiritual level and often I will asked the client of whom do you wish to connect with within the world of spirit during our session.

I have also written a book:
“Inside the Healers Mind & Healing the Body.”
Intuitive & Psychic Connection
Personal Reading
Deep Soul Reading
Love and Balance Readings
Connecting to Loved ones in Spirit
Intuitive Re Mapping
Urgent Consultations over the phone
Business / Corporate Insights

Andrew Mathews ~Psychic Medium ~  Psychic Consultant  & Intuitive Life Coach ~ Spiritual Consultant  ~ CAN, UK, USA 

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​Phone: 01144 -787 875 8958     Email: 555essence@gmail.com
Website: www.andrewmatthewsmedium.com 
​     Skype: prestige5551

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