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C.A.O.P. Canadian Association of Psychics & Psychic Mediums. Members who teach classes and workshops.

All members of this elite organization are also members of "Global Psychics & Healers" & the GAOPH APP. Each of them are amazing teachers within their own right & teach their own type of workshops, which should be advertised on their sites.
The American Association of Psychics & Healers continually  has Psychic Development and Healing Workshops throughout the year. 
This is an accredited program and is taught by the founder of the AAOP,AAOH, CAOP,CAOH, UKAOP,UKAOH. Usually a 2 day intensive workshop. If you are interested in future workshops by the organization. Then please call 970 586 3565 or email contact@Globalpsychicsandhealers.com

Welcome to the Canadian Association of Psychics & Healers

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