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Founder of the Canadian, American & UK Associations of Psychics & Psychic Mediums.

Mailing Address: 453 E Wonderview Ave, #174 Estes Park CO 80517.

Call: 1 970 586 3565

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From Rosemary The Celtic Lady

It was my goal as founder of the American , Canadian & UK Association of Psychics & Healers, to bring together the most ethical credible, psychics, mediums , healers and intuitive's in the world.

Everyone in my organization goes through a criminal background check.  I do not allow hot line psychics, gypsies, spell workers to be a part of my organization,

as many people try to associate really good mediums etc with the same brush so to speak.

 We are a very different breed, dedicated to helping others. We work very hard at what we do, guided by prayer, meditation and our guides. 

It is my goal to educate humanity, about who we are and what we do!


Rosemary The Celtic Lady Founder of the American, Canadian & UK Association of Psychics & Healers.

She is able to assist on TV sets, documentaries etc, as a professional consultant.

Recommending psychics & mediums or healers, based on your what it is you are looking for, for your TV shows documentaries etc.

Rosemary can review scripts, treatments etc to determine just how accurate you are towards the 
characterization of psychics & mediums and their abilities, also help you get a more realistic view of the afterlife.

Rosemary Has already worked on TV shows and has a full resume, please email her for full profile and additional information.

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