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Courtney Carnrite is an Intuitive Artist, who practices Channeling, Tarot, Mediumship, and Spiritual Healing (Supported Journey Work (Animism/Shamanism) & Crystal Energy Healings.)

As an Intuitive Reader, Courtney can help you resolve questions about your path & direction; she can help you gain knowledge about how to best accomplish your goals; she can help you receive insights about your current situation(s); she can help you get closure surrounding current & past situations; she can help you communicate with loved ones who have passed.

As a Spiritual Healer, Courtney can support you in breaking family patterns, facilitate soul retrievals & soul extractions as well as help your soul clear up past life entanglements. With the support of crystals Courtney can help balance energy in the body and improve general wellness and happiness.

Courtney has studied with Sara Wiseman for Psychic development and completed the Intuition University Graduate Program. She learned directly from Jill Leigh, founder of Energy Healing Institute. Jill’s “Energetics Intensive” included training in channeling, akashic records discovery and reading chakras. 

Courtney has completed a 4year immersive shamanic apprenticeship and a 1 year shamanic practitioners program with Angela Prider. She has also studied in the Usui lineage of Reiki with Anne McMurtry. She has a natural affinity towards stones which leads her to crystal and rune work.

Courtney is gifted to see and hear messages from Guides who come forth to support & help you – Ascended Masters, Archetypal Energies, Deities, Star People, Animal Guides, Ancient Ones, Angels, the Departed and Ancestors.

Courtney loves her work and offering her gifts to the world on behalf of Spirit. She has been working with the public since 2014. She is also a Practitioner of Western Herbalism.


Courtney Carnrite ~Spiritual Psychic Medium~ Tarot
Consultant ~Divine Channel ~ Clairvoyant ~ Healer.

British Columbia.

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