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Born with an inner sense of ‘knowing’, Jaime was aware of the Spirit World from a very young age. At 3 years old, she began speaking openly about her past lives and about ‘others’ around her that nobody else could see. By the age of 16, Jaime had begun working with Spiritual Healers that taught her how to develop her natural gifts, harness her insights, and learn different healing modalities. Over the years, Jaime’s fascination with Heaven, reincarnation, and with those who have crossed over, along with her training, has allowed her skills to flourish.

In early 2016 however, Jaime suffered a great loss and battled with her first true experience of grief. After seeking guidance from grief counsellors and therapists, Jaime began to understand that navigating her grief would truly test her in ways she had never been tested before. There were no books to read, exercises to complete or steps to follow in order to help make the pain go away. Even the personal knowledge of life after death still did not bring her the healing or peace she so desperately needed.

Months later while visiting with a friend, an image of a young man who we will call “Luke” appeared out of nowhere in front of her. Luke psychically communicated to Jaime who he was, how he passed and that he needed to deliver a message to his sister who was still on earth. Jaime couldn’t deny what was happening so she quickly started telling her friend all about it. Her friend listened intently to what Jaime was relaying from this Spirit. To Jaime’s surprise, her friend knew exactly who Luke was and was actually friends with Luke’s sister who lived on the other side of the country! Jaime’s friend quickly delivered this sacred message to Luke’s sister whom had longed for some sign from her brother since the day he had passed. Reassured by his efforts to contact her, she now knew that although his physical form had moved on, he would always be there for her in spirit.

Until this point in her life, Jaime had never experienced such a strong connection to a spirit. The energy Luke showed her, the love he had for his sister, and his concern for her was unfathomable. Not only did Luke find a portal of sorts to connect with his sister, he also gave Jaime back her hope and excitement for life again. It was during that moment that other spirits began appearing and Jaime realized she was a Spiritual Medium. She knew that the time had come to embrace her gift and help both herself and others to communicate with those who had passed. Mediumship brought back a zest for life for Jaime. She now knew she needed to experience and understand what ultimate grief was before the doors to the other side could fully open.

She understood now that her past experiences of lost love combined with her true understanding of grief and all its many intricacies gave her the life the purpose, she had long desired. Her intention, her goal, was now clear. Through the deliverance of messages and signs from those departed, she would use her skills to help people feel joy and purpose in their lives again and bring an element of peace and comfort to those souls left on earth to grieve.Since that day, Jaime has become a certified Spiritual Medium and has trained in both Canada and the United States with world renowned Psychic Mediums. Now, from her home in the majestic Canadian Rockies in Jasper, Alberta, she continues her work as a Psychic, Spiritual Medium, and Animal Communicator helping clients all over the world 


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