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Juliette Celeste~ Psychic ~ Evidential Medium recognized by the spiritualist movement in the UK~ Spiritual Counselor ~ Spiritual Awakener~ Intuitive Life coach- Automatic writing~Remote viewing.

Canada,USA & UK

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                                     Telephone:  +44 7932580249 Via Whats App if outside the UK

 "As a Medium as well as a Psychic, Juliette provides messages from passed loved ones, identifies spirit guides, helps gain clarity regarding present and future, and helps to awaken the true Self and to fulfill purpose on this earth plane.

Juliette is an Evidential Medium recognized by the Spiritualist National Union in the U.K.
She discovered that she could communicate with spirit when her beloved Dad passed, and after completing a Masters degree in science focused on International Development, and Peace building she decided to commit more of her time to developing her own psychic/mediumistic abilities and to advancing research around the phenomenon of mediumship.
As a result, she has been serving the spiritualist churches across London as a Medium and she is also a volunteer Researcher for a US based research centre that bridges the gap between modern scientific inquiry,and the inter-connectedness of human beings.

Juliette places a great importance on providing evidential proof of survival from spirit and deeply loves working with them to provide not only evidence but messages of love and upliftment to her sitters.
Therefore,through her consultations she can help reconnect with a passed loved one and provide reassurance of their continuous presence and support in our daily lives.

For 6 years now, Juliette has been providing one-on-one, group consultations, and public demonstrations of mediumship that she can give in English, French and Italian as she is fluent in these 3 languages. With time and experience, her skills have developed and she is now able to help her sitters discover what their soul's purpose is and awaken them to their true inner self.
By reconnecting the person's soul with the body and mind, she can help her sitters to experience spiritual well-being and an inner sense of peace.

Juliette's skills are always expanding: she recently used remote viewing to help an owner retrieve their missing pet, and she practices automatic writing during which she channels universal messages for the higher good (please see the ‘blog’ section of her website), and would like to integrate this practice in her consultations as well.

Finally, one of the lessons Juliette has learnt from the Spirit world is this: 'our life purpose in this Universe is to develop ourselves to the very best that we can be to give service to others', and she continually strives to follow this motto.

She mainly works via video calls, and has been joyfully providing private consultations to sitters living in the UK, Canada, the US, Australia, and Europe.
Please see sitters' testimonials here:

Please use the email address or call to book an appointment (through whatsapp if outside the UK for you to avoid charges)

She looks forward to assisting you to live your life in Love and Light!  "