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My Approach   "My approach is based on my psychic perceptions of clairsentience and clairvoyance, inner space silence, short visualization and symbolic practice." I provide a safe, friendly, confidential, and open-minded space to support you in addressing your personal challenges.

I will help you clarify the underlying cause of your issue and help you create change in your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. I use my psychic perceptions of clairsentience and clairvoyance to acknowledge the unconscious belief behind your personal challenges.  With words, short visualizations, and inner space silence I create energy and subtle body movements that promote the best for you, for me, and for the universe. 

The change and release in your subtle structures allows you to grow and make space for a new behaviour in your life. My goals are to help you improve your quality of life,  clear your past, help you find your way,  and create a promising future. This process allows you to get out of a "stuck" situation. You will understand the unconscious forces that orient your life choice, and improve your relationship with yourself and with others.” 

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