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 Phone: 970-618-4984  

Karri Ann~  Psychic Medium ~ Angel  Intuitive Reader ~ Reiki Master. Canada

Spiritual Healer, Psychic Medium, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Inspirational & Motivational Facilitator, Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, and Author. She works in connection with God, Spirit, Angelic Realms, Ascended Master Realms, Spirit Guides, Faery-Elemental Realms. & Nature. She is the “Soul Founder” of her business Kaleidescapes Of Light, offering services and products for Healing, Nurturing, Motivation for Spirit, Soul, Body, Mind, Heart & Animal Companions.

Karri Ann’s innate Spiritual, Intuitive, Psychic, & Mediumistic gifts have evolved and been passed down through an extensive generational line, supporting a strong core foundation. She embraces all of her gifts and is especially grateful to commune with and be of service to the Spirit World. She continues to help bridge the gap between humans and Spirit, opening doorways for you to connect with your loved ones in the Spirit World, including our very loved, Animal Companions. 

She is also an Angel Therapy Practitioner® offering Angel Readings, Angelic Healing & Energy, Angel & Spirit Messages,  Angel Therapy Techniques, Angel Circles, Workshops & Retreats. The Angels are a gift to us from God, waiting for our calls for assistance to heal, clearly hear guidance, and to establish peace on Earth.  Angel Sessions are unique to each person and their specific needs.  Karri Ann has studied Science; Counseling; Metaphysics; Spiritual Realms; Angels; Mediumistic Healing & Spirit Communication; Elemental Realms; Wellness; Health Promotion Management & Recreation; Human Movement & Nutritional Sciences in excess of 31 years. Her diverse education, training, personal and professional experiences are complimented by her intuitive and creative abilities, working in cooperation to offer unique opportunities for transformational experiences. 

Every Individual will have their own unique experience, just as every living being has their very own special blueprint. That said, Benefits may include, but are not limited to :Identify and remove barriers; spirit & soul renewal; get "unstuck" in life areas such as love, relationships, health, career, life purpose, finances, and more. Focus & Emphasis: Introducing You to your True Soul Potential, Inspire Change, Enhance the Beauty that IS You, Align to your Integrity & Life Purpose, Increased Vitality & Life Force, Awaken Creativity, Open to Joy, Happiness, Possibility & Opportunity, Find Your Passion, Follow Your Bliss, Integrate Goals, Intentions, Affirmations & Your Guidance. 

Together, Karri Ann & her Divine Realms Facilitators will: “ Illuminate, Inspire & Empower YOU ~To Engage in Living Your “Soul-Full” Life ! Embrace Life & Live Now !! 

What’s New : Intuitive Development Training; Angel Certification Programs; Mediumistic 
Healing & Spirit Communication Gatherings; Empowerment & Intuitive Life Coaching Programs; Mentorship Programs & More !
Karri Ann Currently Offers Services for both Private Individual & Group Sittings; Private and Group Training, Special Events, Holiday Gatherings, Themed Parties, and other special groups.

Many services are available via In Person, Phone, Email, Remote, and Skype options. USA & International.Additional Credentials:   Spiritual Healer, Earth Steward & Ordained Minister- Certified By the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers & Earth Stewards; Intuitive & Spiritual Teacher; Master of Crystology : Crystal Healing Therapy; ARCH & Rainbow Rays Practitioner; Reiki Master-Teacher; Atlantean Reiki Master; Egyptian Healing Practitioner; Hands-On-Healing Practitioner, Wellness Consultant.  Emphasis: Essential Oils, Crystals, Custom Flower Essences- Designed for both Humans & Animals, Animal Healing, Intuitive Development, Soul Essence, Awareness Through Presence, Accessing Your Higher Consciousness, Embracing Change, Integration Techniques, Fairy**Elemental Realms, Goddess Energy & Attunements, Physical~Mental~Emotional~Spiritual Health, Nutrition & Wellness.
Have Fun & Enjoy Your Journey !” Karri Ann

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