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Nicolina Belaire~ Psychic Tarot Reader ~Spiritual Medium ~ Tarot Consultant ~  Clinical Hypnotist, PLR, LBL
~ Ontario Canada.

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Tel:1 647-308-1185      Toll Free: 1-844-912-1122


Over 30 years of divination experience available In Person, Online, and Toll Free by Telephone - by Nicolina Belaire.

Professional Certifications:

~ Intuitive & Spiritual Development
~ Mediumship Development
~ Platform Mediumship and Advanced Techniques
~ Spiritual Mentorship
~ Spritual Practitioner Master Class & Practicum
~ Psychic Investigation
~ Clinical Hypnosis (University of Toronto)
~ Past Life Regression
~ Interlife (Life Between Lives) Regression

~ Tarot Consultant

If you would like to know your future, communicate with dearly departed loved ones, scry the present in another location, or simply enjoy the experience - you have come to the right place!

About Nicolina Belaire ~

Nicolina began her psychic journey at a very early age, having grown up in a home where both parents - who inherited their own abilities - practiced and encouraged spirituality and clairvoyance. "If I couldn't find something I'd misplaced in the house, my mother would say 'use your psychic powers, Sunshine.' Nicolina recalls lovingly.

Nicolina was born in 1969 under a full moon and began dabbling in Psychic Energy at the age of 13, Mediumship at the age of 16, and began practicing Tarot Readings for friends at the age of 17. "I had seen, photographed, and received messages from spirits so many times it seemed natural to join a mediumship circle and develop my skills professionally" Nicolina recalls.

"It's important to remember that we are all connected in this wonderful Universe that God has created. Modern physicists call it "quantum entanglement" - every one thing affects in some way every other thing in existence. That is why it is so important to have love and light in your heart, darkness cannot exist where there is light."

In person readings and weekly classes:
Nature's Spirit New Age Shop
218 Main St. E.
Milton, ON
Canada L9T 1N8
Telephone Readings by Appointment
Tarot Readings and Spiritual Mediumship for girl's night in parties, corporate events, and for charity events